Pokemon Nameless Demo1.3(Pokemon Fire Red Hack)

This is the prequel(and sequel, but the sequel part is not done yet.) of Pokemon Mega Power and the sequel of Pokemon Resolute. In this game, you play as Chronya, the young hero of Cyenn Region.

12 years ago, Altena, the general of Valo Empire had to leave her country with her daughter Chronya. She didn't tell Chronya why they had to leave their hometown. The only thing Chronya knew was that she had a father who lived in Cyenn Region, and her mother decided to ask for his father's help. However, they were attacked by Dark Workers, who were employed by the Valo Emperor. The emperor wanted to get rid of Altena forever. Altena fell into Dark Worker's trap, Chronya had no choice, she had to jump into the ocean. She was saved by a young agent, this agent was called Gavin. To defend Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the beginning of Chronya's journey...

New region -- Cyenn Region and Western Tyron Region(Probably more, but I have to keep the secret for now.)
Pokemon from generation 4 to generation 7.
Real Mega Evolution -- Except for Chronya's first Pokemon, it's special.
No Gyms -- Battle Arenas takes the place of the Gyms.
No Pokemon League in Cyenn Region -- The tournament takes the place of the Cyenn League.
You can decide on when to challenge the Cyenn Tournament by yourself.
Skills take the place of HMs, try to learn more useful skills.
Half open world(After the Shedir Town event).
You can decide on when to begin with the main storyline by yourself.
Black/White Repel System.



LU-HO, HackMew, karatekid552, Kurapika, FBI, esperance, Darthatron, jiangzhengwenjzw.
For the tools and tutorials

For the mega evolution system

The main storyline ends at the beginning of the Episode 4(Kurhah Island Episode), about 40% of the main storyline is finished.
The Cyenn Region is about 80% finished, you can explore most parts of the region.
The Cyenn Tournament is available now, so you can become the Champion of the region now even though the main storyline is far from finished(Of course, I don't recommend you to challenge it now, because your team will become too strong for the coming new demos.)

What's new in Demo 1.3:
Some bug fixes like the broken OW sprites.
The Southern Acamar Desert is accessible now, which means all outdoor maps of Cyenn Region are accessible.

What's new in Demo 1.2:
The Northern Acamar Desert and Griffas Town are available in this demo, which means all towns of Cyenn Region are accessable.
Bug fixes:
Like Ted's Pinsir doesn't mega evolve, wrong Trainers on Izar Path and so on.

The flying point of Griffas Town is fixed.

Download link(Patch this on Pokemon Fire Red V1.0):


  1. is there any possibilty in the future, male counterpart of chronya?

  2. this is cool. you should post this on the pokecommunity

  3. Excuse me... Why the hell does the main character dress like that? And why the hell is that on a chinese site?

  4. What to do after etamin city base scene

  5. Caph cave has a bug to multiply items when use Skill in second floor "whirlpool" and he Gives Bad egg

  6. @Bradley Head no there isnt because chronya is only a girl becoz when u play resolute, mega power and victory fire, there isnt a male counter part and if there is in this game then the story will be broken




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